AT600 cold-chain online monitoring system

AT600 cold-chain online monitoring system can help you conduct real-time online monitoring of warehouse, freezer and refigerator, etc.

Mainly used in

  • Transport and storage of food

  • Transport and storage of medical supplies

  • Agricultural online monitoring

  • Service for management platform of logistics and warehouse

  • Other cold-chain logistics


  • The wireless transmission distance can reach 6000 meters

  • Multiple monitoring for temperature, humidity, speed, location, access control, etc.

  • One display can receive the data from 256 sensors maximum

  • The display can transmit data via GPRS to conduct real-time monitoring to driving vehicles

  • Vehiclesstore data in no signal area, fill up and transmit stored data automaticallyafter signal recovery

  • Display and sensor can be bidirectional communication, set warning temperature of sensorsremotely

  • Support multiple communication protocols (MODBUS/PROFIBUS/IEC61850)

  • Support SMS alarm


System structure

AT600 cold-chain online monitoring system comprises the wireless temperature sensor, the wireless display, the back-end server and the soft ware.