AT-II wireless temperature monitoring system

Temperature is an important parameter characterizing whether the operating condition is normal in industry. AT-II wireless temperature monitoring system can solve the problem for real-time monitoring in the case of unable of laying cables.

Mainly used in

  • Temperature monitoring for switchgear, transformers, reactors and other electricalequipments in power plant and substation

  • Temperature monitoring for electrical equipment and machinery in chemical industry and steel industry

  • Temperature monitoring for equipments or environment in IT room and control room

  • Temperature monitoring for the key parts of traction facilities and large machinery

  • Other closed, rotated or difficult wiring case


  • The wireless transmission distance can reach 6000 meters.

  • One wireless temperature display can receive the data from 256 sensors maximum.

  • Display and sensorcan be bidirectional communication, set warning temperature of sensors remotely.

  • Support multiple communication protocols (MODBUS/PROFIBUS/IEC61850)

  • Support SMS alarm

  • Support Web publishing

System structure

The system comprisesthe wireless temperature sensor, the wireless temperature display, the back-endmainframe and the software.