We offer a system to help you conduct real-time online monitoring on a variety ofstate like temperature, humidity, speed, etc. of electric, machine, warehouse, refrigerated vehicle, container, and other equipment or indoor environment.

Our system terminal sensor uses wireless communication technology, all measurement data are transmitted to a corresponding display via RF, which satisfies the monitoring requirements in the case of unable of laying cables. The display uploads thedata to the host backstage. You can view the real-time status of the terminal throughthe background software at any time without visiting site.

The system can automatically alert based on your settings to avoid missing any exceptions.

  • AT-II wireless temperature monitoring system (fortemperature monitoring of electrical equipment, industrial machinery)

  • AT600 cold-chainonline monitoring system (for online monitoring of cold-chain logistics,warehousing, medical field, etc.)

  • AT-S indoor temperature monitoring system (for indoor temperaturemonitoring)

  • Shipping onlinemonitoring system