When you need to know temperature,humidity, vibration, speed, location, and other one or more status information,and you prefer the wireless monitoring, we can help you.

You can view the real-time status of the terminal at any time without visiting site, because we can help you realize online monitoring real-timely. It can automatically alertbased on your settings to avoid missing any exceptions.

In power systems, we offer the online monitoring system to meet various voltage levels. The wireless monitoring terminal is easy to conduct and without insulation risks. The professional software of data management and analysis transmit the data to your background for remote online monitoring, to meet the needs of unattended substation.

In cold-chain logistics and health care, we offer 24-hour real-time monitoring for temperature,humidity, speed, location, access and other information of goods during the whole process of storage and transport. The system will send alert once the abnormal conditions at any time to protect the safety of your goods.